Trillium Creek


Becoming the Neighborhood we will be...

I wonder if you share this experience:

Life is nothing if not a journey and an adventure. 

The Trillium Creek journey started when we (Roger and Peggy) found each other in mid-life and asked ourselves how we want to live. 

  • We want to live in nature, and to live in community;
  • We want peaceful days,
    and we want to be in the thick of things, doing our best to make a positive difference;
  • We want interdependence, and we want a measure of privacy;
  • We want natural wildness around us,
    and we want to spend little or no carbon to get to town;
  • We want to “live in the woods,” and we want to live in a sunny meadow.

So?  Why not have it all?  

(Today, I, Peggy, am smiling, because we had NO IDEA

what it would take to get as far as we’ve gotten. 

But I digress.) 

So we said,

“If we take the first step, might we get there?”

We sold a house, pooled resources and inheritances, and began. 

Roger’s been a builder for years, developing what seems to Peggy every skill one can imagine.  He’s an awesome solver of conundrums and “problems” of which there have been many.  When faced with unmanageable costs of hiring equipment and operators to build the Trillium Creek road, we bought a used backhoe, Roger learned to use it like an artist (this is Peggy talking), and with supervision of geological engineers, continued to build the road.  When rains threatened to loosen soil along the entry, he designed and built a living retaining wall, planted with native plants.  When 2008 came along, and loans were nonexistent, “Grace” intervened.  When we meet, if you like, we’ll tell you stories like these with a smile.

Now, we have 24 acres of incredibly beautiful land

With a sunny meadow for homes

Surrounded by trees and creeks,

And a lovely winding road through the forest margin

Encircling home sites that will be connected

By paths, gardens and play spaces.

Upcoming projects include a pond for supplemental fire suppression and supporting wildlife and retention basins, some of the last steps before home sites become buildable.  It's August of 2019, and we expect to have sites available for homes next year. 

We welcome you getting in touch,
and perhaps becoming part of this ongoing adventure.
Email us at or

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