Trillium Creek


Community Overview

Concept View of Trillium Creek Neighborhood Looking Southwest

Buildings shown are close to where custom homes designed by new owners will be located

Trillium Creek is becoming a multi-generational community of neighbors who share a commitment to sustainability and protection of the surrounding redwood and creek environment. We want to attract neighbors who live their lives in creative, “alive” ways, such as raising children who will contribute to our world; facilitating growth and learning in others; inventing solutions; sharing their personal energy to contribute to the Trillium Creek community; or…something completely different!

Trillium Creek's meadow is laid out to enhance neighborhood connections.  Shared community spaces include a neighborhood commons hall, gardens, picnic and play areas, trails, and quiet, park-like relaxation and meditation spots. Lay-out will be pedestrian-centered, with trails connecting homes to common spaces, keeping cars on the periphery of the cluster of homes.

Homes at Trillium Creek will be walkable and bikeable to town.  Local buses stop at the bottom of the hill.  Natural food stores, a farmers' market, local and international performers, and great pizza are all available within a 5-minute bike ride.

Acres of our own trails and redwood forested hillside embrace our meadow of home sites next to the Arcata Community Forest and near Humboldt State University.  Eight lots and a gently meandering road are being developed within a 3-acre portion, while the remainder of the 24 acres will be held as natural area with 17 acres protected as permanent watershed and forest preserve.

Trillium's Commons Hall will be available for neighborhood gatherings including optional shared dinners, movies, dances, yoga, various classes and childcare. The hall will house sauna, weight machines, and a dance/workshop space. Fitness, life skills, and creativity are important values that will be supported by gatherings held here. The hall will be inclusive of the broader community around Trillium Creek; many of the programs and gatherings will be open to neighbors who live in the surrounding community.

Trillium Creek homes will be custom-designed by owners.  Roger, a builder with 40 years experience in designing and building passive solar homes, is available to consult, assist and encourage.  Home owners are encouraged to design and build homes that efficiently use materials and energy, beautifully fit into the natural and developed surroundings, easily connect to neighborhood common spaces, and elegantly last as long as possible with little maintenance.

Environmental stewardship is vital to us. Trillium Creek encompasses 24 acres of forested hillside.  Home sites will be clustered on a meadow of approximately 3 acres maintained for solar availability.  17 acres will be held in permanent conservation easement with the remaining forested land modified only to the extent necessary for safety and solar access. The preserve includes two beautiful creeks and hillside forest made up mostly of redwood, but also of fir, spruce, alder and maple. One of the streams was partially covered over by logging that occurred approximately 60 years ago. Restoration of this creek is part of the Trillium Creek project. Trails constructed with environmental preservation in mind will allow residents to enjoy this beautiful, quiet place.

Green building practices will be required on all buildings, including material and energy conservation, placement of windows for solar gain, use of thermal mass, solar electricity and solar water heating. Homes will be sited and spaced to make the most of passive solar design, considering the angles of sun at all times of the year.  In addition we are developing and making available new strategies to make the homes even more efficient, including site-built thermal glazing; multi-layered, built-in, roll-up thermal shades; compost digestion bins; and north wall passive assist cooled pantries and refrigerators.

An innovative road design will be more attractive and create less runoff and than typical paved roadways.  Open space paving will integrate tracks of reinforced, patterned concrete divided by compacted gravel that is planted with a low-growing ground cover.

A Homeowners Association will manage common concerns associated with the neighborhood, including maintenance of the roadway and common landscaping and application of agreed upon CC & Rs.

It is our intention to keep costs as reasonable as possible for new Trillium Creek residents.  One of the ways that we can do this is to facilitate the purchase of home sites by partnerships of individuals, couples or extended families.  California law allows up to two homes on a single lot – a larger dwelling and a smaller “mother-in-law” unit.  Individual lots could house smaller 2-dwelling co-housing groups that would be inter-dependent with other homes/groups in the neighborhood.

Tenancy in common is (TIC) one of the legal ways that property can be owned by more than one owner.  Contractual agreements define what parts of the property and structures are used by which co-owners.  Ownership interest can be sold or passed on in inheritance.  You can find a detailed legal description here written by a law firm in San Francisco where TIC has become a common type of real property ownership over the years.

For additional cost savings, lot owners may choose to design and build together. Some of the green building practices we are exploring may actually be less expensive, as well as more energy and materials efficient than conventional designs. We'd like you to know that we set out on this adventure to create a community in which we want to live; not to make a profit.

Trillium will be a wonderful place to live!  We are excited about this project, welcome your inquiries and are looking for neighbors who might like to join us. If you’d like to get in touch, please contact us at either or

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