Trillium Creek


Lot Costs and Creative Solutions

Lots at Trillium Creek are priced at $300,000.  

Lot costs will include access to Trillium’s shared 17 acre conservation easement of redwood forest and creeks.

Costs of maintaining shared spaces and utilities will be shared by all of us through a home owners’ association.

With land at Trillium Creek, you have a reliable financial investment while living in and enjoying your home and the nature surrounding it.

The option of two homes on one lot

Opens up cost-saving opportunities:

  • California law allows one main home on a building lot, and if desired, a second.  According to law, the two homes must be divided in floor space in a ratio of 2/3s and 1/3.  If the larger home has 2,000 square feet, the smaller may have up to 1,000 square feet.  If the lot is shared by two owners (for instance using a Tenants-in-Common arrangement – more info here.  The owner of the larger space might pay $200,000 and the owner of the smaller might pay $100,000.
  • The lot owner might have a main home and a rental.  According to, median home rental in Arcata in August of 2019 is $1,650 per month.
  • The lot owner (or a collaborative of home owners at Trillium) might offer a bed and breakfast room(s).  With access to trails in the Trillium conservation easement, the common hall, and relaxing picnic and play areas in the Trillium meadow, bed and breakfast rooms would be highly desirable.
  • Two (or more) generations of family might share two homes, allowing help from grandparents in care of young children and times and spaces of privacy as well.
  • Two families might form a mini co-housing collaborative.  Although the whole of Trillium Creek is designed around a shared model, we prefer to have a degree of autonomy and choice, without long meetings to decide smaller details.  If two families sharing a lot prefer a greater degree of sharing, consensus decisions between two families will be much less difficult to reach than with a larger group.
  • Two households might share a family room, rec room, backyard, or other amenity.
  • If two households share a lot, they could consider legal agreements resulting in shared ownership.  You can find quite a lot of information here. 
  • Do you have additional creative, cost-saving ideas?  Please email and share.
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